16 Jan 2022

houseplants@earlswood update!

houseplant area outside our cafe at earlswood guernsey

We’ve just finished an update for 2022 of our “houseplants@earlswood” area just outside our cafe! New plants, new pots, new accessories – available now. 

26 Aug 2020

Phalaenopsis Orchids

phalaenopsis orchids in houseplants at earlswood garden centre

Phalaenopsis orchids, or “moth orchids” are the most common type of orchids grown in homes. It’s easy to see why – once you’re used to caring for them, they can provide years of pleasure with repeated blooming of elegant flowers that can last for months at a time.

In this blog, I’ll tell you more about them and share what I’ve learnt from my own experience about how to get the best from them.

09 Aug 2020

Vanda Orchids


SInce the launch of our larger houseplant area outside our cafe entrance, we’ve been looking for some more unusual plants to showcase and sell. I absolutely love orchids, and one of the most impressive and interesting types we stock are Vanda orchids.

In this blog, i’ll tell you more about them – how vanda orchids grow and orchid care tips if you buy one for your home. As is often the case with orchids, after an initial investment to buy them and time to learn how to care for them, vanda orchids can go on providing great value through months of beautiful blooms year after year.

10 Jul 2020

Our new houseplants

We’re delighted to have launched our improved houseplant area outside our cafe entrance. We hope that our new displays which combine different types of houseplants with a wide range of decorative cover pots, give you inspiration to add a few new houseplants to your home.

In this update we’ve summarised the main categories of houseplants we’re now stocking, together with the typical spots in your home that they might be suitable for. Look out for more houseplant updates and tips over the coming weeks!