Gardening At Earlswood

Our gardening department is well stocked with carefully selected brands and products perfect for helping you to improve or maintain your garden and “grow your own”. And as ever, if you have any questions or need any advice just ask one of the team.

Here’s a summary of what you’ll find across our gardening range, most of which is available year round. Where there are links, this product is also available in our online shop…

  • Pots – terracotta, glazed
  • Pots & containers, plus a new range of 100% recycled plastic pot and saucers; we also stock bamboo pots and seed trays which after several years use can be broken up and composted!
  • Propagation trays and equipment perfect to “grow your own”
  • Compost, including popular choices like Levington multi-purpose compost, John Innes (loam based) for seeds, potting on & mature plants, and Miracle Gro peat free compost. We aim to go totally peat free with all our compost product range during 2023.
  • Landscaping bark and decorative bark and gravels
  • Garden tools: Wolf Garten multi-change tools, Spear & Jackson Tools, and Darlac cutting tools.
  • Gloves, Wellies and gardening shoes
  • Hoses and accessories from Gardena (all compatible with Hozelock) and watering cans
  • Fertilisers & feeds
  • Weedkillers (all gyphosate free)
  • Pest Control (including an increasing range of environmentally friendly solutions)
  • Accessories like plant labels, twines, ties, carry bags, tub trugs etc.
  • Tree stakes, bamboo canes, and other plant support solutions
  • Log roll and lawn edgings
  • Expanding trellis with artificial plant effects
  • “Weedstop” (weed suppressing membrane) & netting
propagation trays and accessories available for grow your own
range of compost including peat free