Right outside our cafe you’ll find an extensive range of houseplants, pots and accessories. We’re confident it’s one of the best ranges of indoor plants available in Guernsey

We pride ourselves on offering something a little different to the range of houseplants you typically find at supermarkets or elsewhere, so if you’re houseplant crazy, just starting out, buying a gift, or wanting to try something a little different, we can help.

We’ve got flowering indoor plants, including several different types of beautiful orchids, luscious foliage plants, and also cacti & succulents.


Foliage Houseplants

  • Grown for their interesting leaves rather than their flowers.
  • Most of these originate from tropical regions and grow out of direct sunlight under the cover of forest canopy.
  • Therefore, most don’t like direct sunlight, but will do well in a bright room.
  • Generally water just as the compost is drying out. As with all houseplants don’t over-water leaving your houseplant standing in water – this will kill it. Like humid conditions, so love a misting with water whenever you can.


If you get the care of your orchids right they will reward you with blooms for weeks on end, and repeat flower year after year. Great value!

  • Require a bright spot, but most varieties dislike direct sunlight. A north facing windowsill is ideal.
  • Correct watering is the key to success. Don’t over-water – this is the biggest killer. Wait until their roots start to turn from green to a silvery colour and the bark looks like it’s drying out before dunking the whole pot in water for 5 minutes then draining well.

Phalaenopsis Orchid Care

Phalaenopsis (moth) orchids are the most popular and easiest to look after.. click here for our blog about them and how to care for them.


Flowering Houseplants (excluding orchids)

  • Good variety to add beautiful splashes of colour to your home.
  • Flowering is usually dependent on having a really good source of bright daylight, although not direct sunlight in Summer when the sun is strong.
  • Generally water just as the compost is drying out. As with all houseplants don’t over-water leaving your houseplant standing in water – this will kill it.

Cacti & Succulents

Perfect for really sunny spots, and also cope well with a bit of neglect when you’re away on your summer holidays!

  • Some beautiful options available. Including some with beautful flowers.
  • With good light and warmth they will grow well in the warmth of Summer.
  • Like regular good watering in Summer but really dislike being wet when the weather cools in Autumn and Winter. Can cope with very little attention during this period.

Houseplant Pots, Accessories & Feed

You’ll find a great selection of what you need to help your indoor plant collection grow and thrive.

For every day maintenance you’ll find a selection of indoor watering cans and sprayers.

We stock a good range of peat free houseplant specialist composts and feeds.

When it comes to re-potting we’ve got various orchid pots, plastic and bamboo plant pots, and saucers.

We regularly update our houseplant cover pot range to make sure we’re on top of all the latest colours and trends.