houseplant area outside our cafe at earlswood guernsey

We’ve just finished an update for 2022 of our “houseplants@earlswood” area just outside our cafe! New plants, new pots, new accessories – available now. 

orchids in our houseplant area at earlswood guernsey

We’ve ordered a wide range of new houseplants@earlswood for the new year.

Of course there are beautiful orchids, and not just phalaenopsis. If you’re keen to experiment with other types, then take a look at our orchid tables at the front of the shop near the tills. 

Don’t forget to check out our guide to caring for Phalaenopsis (moth orchids) here.

We’ve selected a number of good size foliage plants too that can provide instant impact in a room.

Picking a specimen with big leaves can introduce a lush, intense statement, especially useful at times of year when it’s more grey then green outdoors! 

If you’re after an easy houseplant, cacti can be a great solution – they’re very tolerant of when you forget to water, or when you’re away and can’t. They’ll also cope  take hot or cold extremes really well so are great for conservatories, for example.

Succulents are equally tolerant of forgetting to water, but don’t like it too cold.

Both hate over-watering!

We’ve got a good range of both and if you start with small plants they’re great value too.

window dressing and terrarium accessories for houseplant display at earlswood guernsey


Houseplants@earlswood now includes a  new range of houseplant accessories, giving you creative ways to display you beloved houseplants!

We a have jars and tools for terrarium growing, plus a number of options for creatively dressing your windows with plants.

Click here to see the range of houseplant pots & accessories in our online shop.